Best women perfumes 

September 15, 2017

Best women perfumes that men love 

Best women perfumes 

Best women perfumes

All ladies want to smell prettySmelling good not only makes a girl feel good, but can also increase confidence. You will not only smell better, but with the best women perfumes,  but others will notice your increased confidence

There are thousands of fragrances that have come and gone, but only a handful have earned the title of being called the most romantic of all time


It is interesting to know how these best women perfumes are made.

“Agarwood”  which is used as a base for the world’s most expensive perfume manufacture is extracted from a tree known as Gyrinops Walla  or Walla Patta which was found to produce this  resinous substance

Research Findings

The agar wood used in the preparation of cosmetics is only found in damaged tree trunks with dents, according to the scientists who presented their findings of a research done on the Wallapatta tree.  But all Wallapata trees do not contain this agarwood.


Gyrinops Walla plantation

No one in Sri Lanka knew Walla Patta had this valuable property until recently. Walla Patta, is a commonly seen tree that grows in home gardens as well as in wet zone forests in Sri Lanka.

The Indonesians knew how to take the important parts of the tree. There are even special knives and equipment to extract Agarwood from the trees. Authorities are still investigating the scale of these smuggling operations.. Gyrinops Walla   for perfume manufacture is a tree to preserve. If you start now, you will be a millionaire in a few years, by cultivating this plant.

Best women perfumes

Best women perfumes

Best women perfumes

First grade agarwood is one of the most expensive natural raw materials in the world.. Agarwood oil fetches similarly high prices. The best  women perfumes are made from this resin.

Vera Wang Princess by Vera Wang for Women – 3.4 Ounce EDT Spray 

Available at Amazon $25.35  FREE SHIPPING


Customer reviews:

  • 5..0 out of 5 starsScent sprays strong but fades a little and then smells great. Bottle is cute
    ByBook Houndon September 29, 2017
    Size: 3.4 oz.|Verified Purchase
    Light, lovely scent. Scent sprays strong but fades a little and then smells great. Bottle is cute, 7 year old daughter thinks she has claimed it as
    hers since she thinks she’s a princess and great size for the price. Bought it on a whim and I actually like it.
  • 5.0 out of 5 starsSuch a great deal!
    ByHalee Wheeleron February 5, 2016
    Size: 3.4 oz.|Verified Purchase
    Such a great deal!! Was still in the box with the plastic wrapper and everything. Fast shipping! Made a great Christmas present,
    she loved it. Not to mention a GREAT price for this perfume! Thanks!

Gyrinops Walla  for  best women perfumes manufacture.

Gyrinops Walla  is a medium-tall tree which grows up to 15 m in height with straight, slender trunk and with a small, rounded or umbel crown. It has a thin, brownish-grey smooth and strongly fibrous bark.

Wallpatta resin

In the international market one kilogram of this resin is worth $30000 or Rs45lacks. High international demand for agarwood is increasing and over the past decade it has resulted in over-exploitation. Poaching increases tree mortality, reduces the growth rate of pre-adults and adults, and decreases the percentage of adults that reproduce. Not all Wallapatta trees bring money.



Beyonce Heat By Beyonce For Women Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4-Ounce / 100 Ml

This is available at Amazon @$19.95  FREE SHIPPING


Customer reviews:

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars  Smells wonderful and it is au due perfume so it will …
    Smells wonderful and it is au due perfume so it will last about half the day for me as a posed to au due toilet which I
    have to keep applying often throughout the day.
    Published 1 month ago by Sheila L. Fulton
  • 5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
    Great Product… Fast Shipping… As Described… Perfect Sale.. A++.. Will Be Back Again & Again….
    Published 1 month ago by Eric Reilly Amtliquidations
  • 5.0 out of 5 stars  I’m not a Beyonce type of gal but I enjoy this fragrance
    At 66 yrs old, I’m not a Beyonce type of gal but I enjoy this fragrance. Nice fragrance for the summer.
    Published 27 days ago by Elise Andree


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Posted by Donald Jayasundera (registered pharmacist, Licencee Insurance consultant)

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