Coconut Tree the Wonder tree of Sri Lanka

September 14, 2017

Coconut industry in Sri Lanka

Coconut tree

Coconut tree







Sri Lanka is fortunate that Coconut Tree the Wonder Tree of Sri Lanka  (botanical name: cocos nuciferra L) is native to the island and forms a major tree crop covering the bulk of coastal areas of the country. The coconut industry is an important source of foreign exchange and employment generation for Sri Lanka, and an essential component of Sri Lankan cuisine. Sri Lanka is rich in coconut cultivation and it has many industries based on coconut.

The Coconut products 

Coconut tree is useful in many ways. Coconut industry based products are made from the Kernel, Shell, Husk, and fiber based Coir made from husk and Copra made from Kernel are major export income earners.  The Coconut tree of Sri Lanka grows on sandy soils close to the sea, and thrives up to 600 feet from the sea level. It grows on well drained areas. The tree grows up to 50- 80 feet. There are many varieties of coconut plants. The smallest is the dwarf palm. Usually the tree has tall graceful trunks topped by a crown of light leathery leaves that are 15-17 feet long. The leaves are yellow greenish and the trunk is grey. Coconut grows in rain forests and other tropical climates.

After a cluster of flowers bloom they develop into coconuts. One tree  produces up to 50-60 nuts which can be plucked every two months. Men harvest the coconut by climbing the tree and cutting down the bunch of coconuts.

Coconut Tree the Wonder Tree of Sri Lanka


Coconut  water from the coconut tree is a very refreshing drink to beat tropical summer thirst. The young coconut contains sweet coconut water which is an ideal drink to quench the thirst on sunny days. The white kernel in the nut is eaten and the milk extracted is used in the preparation of food and curries.

Coconut Oil


Are you tired of paying a lot of money for expensive skin and hair products that often don’t work?  Are you wondering if there are effective natural skin and hair care products that will actually work?  Discover the benefits of coconut oil and enjoy Coconut Tree Products.

Pure Body Naturals Premium Fractionated Fine Coconut Oil for Hair, Skin & Nails, 16 Fl. Oz

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  • Use coconut oil for hair growth by moisturizing the scalp to limit hair fall, helping you to grow longer, stronger and healthier hair. 
  • Multi-purpose natural skin moisturizer. Apply a few drops to a cotton ball to use as a makeup remover. Mix with Lavender essential oil for a relaxing foot soak for dry cracked feet. Add to a warm bath for skin softening, or directly as an after-shower moisturizer.



  • Use on skin as a natural skin softener, moisturizer, face cleanser and sunscreen
  • Intensely hydrates, replenishes, brightens and revitalizes skin’s complexion

Coconut oil is part of Sri Lankan life style. It is extracted from the white kernel. We fry and temper our food with coconut oil, light oil lamps. We apply coconut oil on our hair for extra conditioning. Coconut oil lamps are lit in thousands daily across Sri Lanka in Buddhist temples and Hindu kovils by devotees seeking enlightenment

Coconut plantation


Timber from Coconut

This wonder  tree  supplies  families with shelter, food, drinks and many other needs. The coconut timber is used in the building of houses

Coconut Products 

All Good Coconut Oil Skin Food Coconut, 7.5 oz   All Good

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Coconut Coir products

Mats, coir rope, and flower pots are made from coconut fiber. Hats and baskets are made from coconut leaves. Coconut fiber and coir rope is exported to other countries. Coconut oil is taken pressed from copra. After taking out the oil the left over coconut is ideal cattle feed. It contains protein, sugar and minerals. The major use for coconut oil is in the manufacture of Margarine, and Soap.  Coconut is a major income earner to Sri Lanka.

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