Places to visit in Sri Lanka

May 26, 2017

Sri Lanka 2017

Sri Lanka FlagPlaces to visit in Sri Lanka. This is a beautiful island , known as “Sri Lanka wonder of Asia” is situated in the Indian Ocean completely surrounded by the sea. It is located to the in South east of India and is about 31 kilometers off the southern coast of India. It is home to around twenty one million people.There are many beautiful Places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka History
Sri Lanka can boast of a written history of about 2500 years. After over two thousand years of rule by local kingdoms, parts of the country were colonized by Portugal, and the Netherlands, beginning in the 16th century. Later the control of the entire country was taken by the English in 1815. During World War II, Sri Lanka  served as an important base for Allied forces in the fight against the Japanese Empire. The country’s  architecture done by Portuguese ,Dutch and British is still to be seen throughout the country. Sri Lanka  art can be seen in many old Buddhist temples.


Places to visit in Sri Lanka

Places to visit in Sri Lanka

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Places to visit in Sri Lanka

This country is full of tourist destinations.

How much does Sri Lanka costs for tourists, depends on you. You can certainly manage to stay under a $50/day goal. Food was very cheap if you ate in the right places and accommodation and transport were incredibly good value. Look for the small guest houses and hotels to use specific to that destinations.

Gem Industry  and tourism bring in foreign exchange in addition to the export of agricultural products. Sri Lanka Blue gemstone is famous out of the gems We  can boast of a progressive and modern industrial economy and the high per capita income in South Asia. The natural beauty of Sri Lanka’s tropical forests, beaches and landscape, as well as its rich cultural heritage, make it a world famous tourist destination. The island is famous as a great cricket playing nation. The national team has won the world cup in cricket  several times. Sri Lanka cricket team is known the world over.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka  gained independence in 1948 from British rule. The country consist of majority Sinhalese , and Tamils, Muslims ,Burghers and Malays ethnic groups.

Elephant orphanage

The island has many of beautiful beaches, tea plantations and ancient cities. Tourists can do Scuba diving, visit an elephant orphanage and a lagoon of singing fish, and explore dense jungle, shrines and temples.

Sri Lanka Esala Perahara festival

In the month of July/August the Kandy Esala Perahara festival is held with more than100 Elephants, Kandyan Sri Lanka dancers parading the streets of Kandy the hill capital which is a spectacle to see.



Places to visit in Sri Lanka

Places to visit in Sri Lanka







This country  offers you many small miracles. You can enjoy white sandy beaches, lush greenery, exciting adventures, amazing Sri Lanka wildlife and a rich heritage. The warm and friendly smiles of the people await  to welcome you.

Sri Lanka will celebrate their national festival Sinhala and Hindu new year on 13th and 14th April again this year too. The New Year starts on this day after harvesting paddy cultivation which is the staple food of Sri Lankans. This New Year festival has a unique feature.This is the only country in the world in which all the people stop work for the previous year at the same time.Then they attend to religious observances and then at an auspicious tine all the households in the country light up their cooking fires for the first meal in the New Year.

Sinhala and Tamil new year festival

Sinhala and Tamil new year festival

Once the meals are cooked, everyone in the country start consuming their food, all at the same auspicious time. At this time of the year relations meet each other respect their elders and forget any ill feelings if any, and unite with family and friends. This is a time when all people do the same activity at the same time.

You can get a tourist guide and Sri Lanka maps  from the tourist board
Come and enjoy.

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Sri Lanka Wonder of Asia

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