September 6, 2017


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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

This website is about Sri Lanka, a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean at the southern tip of India. The pages and posts are about fruits and vegetation grown in this country, beautiful places, population their habits and customs. Fruits and vegetables are of high medicinal value and used as cures for many diseases such as diabetics,high blood pressure and even cancer.  This site also discusses many other topics such as Home and Garden products, Solar panels for your home, Luxury watches,Men’s Fashion, Music , Art and entertainment with ,Business and Finances Stock Market of Sri Lanka.

Majority of the population is Sinhalese Buddhists and others are Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, and Malays and other minorities. Customs and habits are unique to this country. Sinhalese participate in their New Year celebrations in April every year after paddy harvest.

This is the only country in the world where all the Sinhalese celebrate the New Year by stopping all work at the same time, and later light their cooking fires at the same time to prepare their first meal for the New Year, and after preparation everyone in the family sit together  at the table to partake the meal all at the same time.


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