Health Benefits of Bees Honey
Home & Garden / September 14, 2017

Honey Bee Benefits Discover the Health Benefits of Bees Honey, the food that lowers blood sugar.  If you are concerned about Diabetics and trying to manage Blood sugar there is way to tame diabetics.  Bring your blood sugar under control. Does not require a prescription and it is completely natural. How do Bees Make Honey   Many of us do not know the Bee Honey Health benefits. It is an interesting story. Honey Bees live in colonies. For the bees, making honey is the most important thing in their duty. That is like collecting food from flowers. The flowers contain sweet liquid called nectar. The bees drink this nectar and carry it to the beehive in their honey sacs. The honey sac is located near the belly of the bee. A valve separates it from the belly. The sugar present in the nectar undergoes a chemical reaction. The water present in the nectar evaporates, and honey is formed, which can be stored in the hive for a very long time. The honey is needed for the bee’s colony as food           The workers Bees provide food and protection to the colony, the drones or fertile males who mate with the queen, and finally the queen, lays eggs….