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July 24, 2017

Best Luxury wrist watches for men

It takes highly skilled watchmakers many hours to craft these  wrist watches for men.  With painstaking precision they are put together. It is highly evident with the finished article is far superior   to other watches of lesser value. When staring longingly at best wrist watches for men or Rolex watch  in a display counter, many gentlemen find themselves thinking:  About the financial cost of the timepiece and the potential benefits of owning it.

But what exactly, are those benefits. and why do so many men make the plunge and invest their hard-earned money in a brand name watch? From social cues to investment advice, let’s take a  look at why men wear luxury watches: Top-Quality Timekeeping

Men’s 18K Gold Rolex Yachtmaster II Model # 116688 Wrist watches for men


wrist watches for men

Beyond power of appreciation, there is a one very basic thing that every watch must do well: keep the time.

The  low-priced watches are typically mass-produced by unskilled laborers. In poorer countries “quality control” is virtually not important. But skilled artisans are usually behind the crafting of luxury timepieces. Famous watch making brands employ master horologists to put together their signature timepieces. The  standards of craftsmanship are kept remarkably high.

This level of quality, in craftsmanship and materiel, ensures that luxury watches are able to reliably keep the time. Often for decades or more, with only minor tune-ups being necessary every five years or so.

Conversely, for a cheap, mass-produced watch to survive five years is nearly unheard of. When you consider the many additional features that luxury wrist watches for men include, such as water-resistance for sports watches. Or aeronautical gauges for aviation watches, their legendary reliability becomes all the more impressive.

Investment Value

Although it is true that luxury timepieces are investments in the functional sense that they will last their buyers many years. They are also investments in the sense that they are composed of valuable substances which retain value over time.

Lesser quality watches like those made of plastic or plated alloys, almost never command impressive prices in the resale market over long periods of time.

The other factor in a luxury timepiece’s long-term investment value is in its prestigious brand name. Which makes it all the more appealing to watch collectors. Many of whom will gladly relieve themselves of thousands of dollars in exchange for decades-old Rolex or Omega models.


A Subtle Display of Wealth

Let’s be honest: in this world, looks matter.

A beautiful woman is more likely to draw your gaze than an unattractive one. A well-dressed gentleman is more likely to attract attention.

And just as a prestigious brand is held in high esteem on the market, in the social sphere. Luxury timepieces are widely respected and easily recognized by people who appreciate details and luxury. Particularly when paired with other tasteful clothing choices – such as business suits, tuxedos. Or semi-formal wear for casual events – luxury timepieces are accessories that identify their wearers as successful men.

Such watches subtly display wealth in a manner that is quiet enough so as to not be show off prestige. One need only look at the prevalence of luxury watches among the world’s most successful and powerful men. From  Presidents to Fortune 500 CEOs, to appreciate this fact.

As quality attracts quality, luxury timepieces are a sure signal to cultivated women that the wearer of such a piece understands and appreciates a refined quality of life.

Why Buy A Luxury Watch?

Ultimately, although any watch can, for a period of time, do the simplest duty of keeping the time. Luxury timepieces offer those willing to invest in them more than a lifetime of satisfaction.

The wearers of luxury timepieces are the men who may quietly sport possessions that are synonymous with refined wealth. Yet their success remains tastefully understated thanks to a true sense of class.


Omega Men’s ‘Seamaster150’ Swiss Automatic Stainless Steel Dress Watch, Color:Silver-Toned (Model: 23110422101001)



Why Buy A Men’s Luxury Watch?

Five reasons why a luxury timepiece is a worthwhile investment


Highly skilled watchmakers take many hours to craft these luxury watches. The finished article is far superior   to other watches of lesser value.


As mentioned, it takes skilled professionals many man hours to craft a single luxury watch and for this reason. This is another reason that luxury watches cost considerably more to both produce and to purchase.

For example, Casio will likely produce millions of a collection of watches at a time. But other companies like Rolex. Omega,  or Jaeger LeCoultre will more likely produce hundreds or possibly a few thousand.

The world’s leading watchmakers such as Rolex Omega Zenith,  and IWC manufacture their own watch movements .This  is inevitably, another factor which increases the cost of their timepieces.


Luxury watch brand spend much time crafting new and innovative watch movements and designs and, this takes time and investment.

Therefore it means that the timepieces that they produce as a result will prove to be more costly.


The vast majority of watchmakers would like their timepieces to reside in the so-called “luxury” branch of the industry. It adds a level of prestige to their brand.

Historically speaking, in order to crack into the upper echelons of the watch making industry, you would require a rich history.

However, in a world increasingly driven by advertising, it is possible to become known for luxury timepieces.Without having hundreds of years of watch making heritage behind you.


Possibly the most compelling reason to own a luxury watch is to stand out from the crowd. There are few status symbols that say more about the owner then their choice of timepiece.

If you have the finances to facilitate a purchase of a luxury watch, then you should certainly do some research. Find the right brand for you.

It is amazing how much of an ego boost it is to have a high-end timepiece strapped to your wrist. It’s definitely one of those scenarios whereby if it’s something that you can afford then you should definitely consider investing.

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